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200 Acres on New River

A 200 acre parcel on the New River with over 3/4-mile water frontage on one side and over 1/2-mile of Guinea Grass Road frontage on the other side. The road has recently been improved and is a very nice secondary road. Much of the property is wooded with some savanna.

The property starts about one mile up river from the Northern Hwy New River Toll Bridge at Tower Hill. Orange Walk Town is about 4-miles north, Belize City is approximately 50-miles south, and the Belize International Airport is 45-miles south. The small village of Guinea Grass is 4-miles west and you will find the Mennonite Community of Shipyard 2-miles farther west of Guinea Grass. Every week, many tour boats pass the property on their way to the Lamanai Mayan Ruins upriver several miles. In my opinion, the Lamanai tours are the premier tours on the Belize mainland, combining a pleasant boat ride with great wildlife sighting , and ending up at the beautiful Mayan Ruins at Lamanai.

The price of this 200 acre river property is $600,000 US$, or about $125 a water front foot. In contrast, the Consejo area sea frontage has recently sold for as much as $1,500 a frontage foot, almost 20 times as much. This makes this river property a very interesting investment. Possibilities include a tourist resort, retirement community, a group of small gentlemen farms, and, due to the size of the property, it could include several of these.


  • 200 Acres: $600,000 (US$)

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200 Acres on New River Property Information
View of North Side of the Property
View of South Side of the Property

For Information on this Property Contact

Arthur Higgins
10422 Hahns Peak Drive
Houston, Texas 77095

Phone: 011-501-602-2686 (From the USA)


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North Side of Property
200 Acres on New River
200 Acres on New River
200 Acres on New River
South Side of Property
200 Acres on New River
200 Acres on New River
200 Acres on New River