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Mayan Seaside Development Covenants

The land that is the subject of this agreement is comprised of 102 lots, two commercial lots, plus common areas, which will eventually be owned and managed by the lot owners. The formation of a Property Owners Association and the transfer of its control to the property owners will occur at the discretion of the developer. But, the developer is required make this transfer at the time or before 75% of the lots are sold.

Lots owners will respect the rights of the other lot owners. The developer, lot owners, their heirs, assignees, and lessees will uphold the general conditions and the rights and policies determined as a result of this agreement.


Property Uses: Each residential lot will be used only for single-family homes unless exceptions are approved in writing by the developer.

Sub-dividing: No residential lot of less than 1/3-acre in size may be sub-divided into smaller lots. But, two or more lots may be combined to create one larger lot.

Construction: The developer shall approve building plans prior to commencement to construction of any building, major improvement of a building, out building, dock, other structure, and fence.

Set Backs: No building shall be constructed less than five (5) feet from the side lot lines and not less than fifteen (15) feet from the front (street) and back lot lines.

Septic Systems: Construction of the septic system is the responsibility of the lot owner. The developer must approve the septic system.

Maintenance of Lots: All property within the community including building, improvements, and landscaping thereon shall be kept and maintained in a clean and attractive condition and in good repair. Maintenance, repair, and upkeep of each site shall be the responsibility of the owner(s) of lot. Violations of this section by an owner shall permit the developer to enter the site and cure the violation and to levy and collect a reimbursement assessment for the cost of so doing: provided, however, that there shall be no entry into the interior of an improvement intended for human occupancy without the consent of the owner thereof unless a clear emergency exists. Lots without buildings shall be kept trimmed. (The developer will provide this trimming to an owner for an annual fee.)

Temporary Structures & Unsightly Items: All property shall be maintained in good repair free from debris, stored goods, unsightly vehicles & boats, etc. Trailers, shacks, tents, etc. shall not be permitted except during construction, and then only for a maximum of one year.

Construction & Improvements: New construction, additions, and improvement projects must be completed within a year. No loud noises due to construction type activities will be permitted between the hours of 8:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

Utilities: All utilities must be underground from the approved poles to the residence’s house and out buildings.

Solid Waste & Garbage: All solid (garbage) must be stored in approved covered containers until removed from the development. No burning or burying of garbage is permitted.

Pets: Only domestic animals will be permitted and these must be contained on the owner’s property or on a leash and in any case not disturbing to other residents. No livestock (farm animals) or endangered animals are permitted in the development.

Trees: It is the developer’s intention to keep as many of the nice trees in the development as possible. No living and disease or insect free trees with diameters of more than 6” should be cut within the community unless the trees are in the approved improvement envelope. While approval is not needed to cut trees on your property, please try to save the larger trees on your property.

Guests and Renters: Owners will be allowed to rent their property to others for extended stays. Daily rentals will not be allowed. Short term rentals of less then a month must be approved by the developer and then the Property Owners Association, when it is formed. These covenants are applicable to all guests and renters.

Future Owners: These covenants are applicable to all future owners. The present signatory owner(s) will ensure that such future owners understand that the covenants run with the relevant properties.

Property Owners Association: As a property owner, I will become a member of the Property Owners Association and abide by its rules if and when such an association comes into existence.

Amendments: Amendments to these covenants may be made from time to time by agreement between the developer, Property Owners Association, and owners of lots in the development at the time of such proposed amendment.

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